Training and inspiring the next generation of health care workers

As part of our commitment to making quality care accessible to all, at Refuge Place International we are also engaged in training of the next generation of Liberian nurses and midwives. Students undertake their practical training at the facility under guidance of our Officer in Charge, Matee. After several months of intensive training they are evaluated by RPI and their performance report sent to their respective schools.

Mary Joseph, student nurse aide at RPI

Mary Joseph is a student nurse aide that has been receiving training at RPI. “It has been a rewarding experience for me as a student to come to Refuge Place International to practice and learn from them” she said. “Before enrolling in the nursing school, I came to Refuge regularly for treatment or checkup and during those times I fell in love with this place and their service and I was so happy when I was assigned to Refuge. They are providing affordable health care to the community and also helping to train us through their receptive and hardworking staff.” Mary is excited to have hands on training at RPI and be able to apply what she is learning when she graduates from nursing school.