Providing quality care in poor communities

Refuge Place International provides patient-centered care and aims to understand and address the needs of our communities.

Florence Kromah is an RPI patient who lives in the Bassa Town Community. She chatted to RPI about how she came to know about our service and about the care she has received. "I came to this community in 2014 along with my parents but unfortunately, I lost my father and I am now living with my mother. I started attending medical school but due to financial constraint I find it difficult to continue. So I decided to do petty business to generate some cash to continue my education. In the process, I fell sick and my friend recommended Refuge Place International for a check-up to know what happens to me. Through this is how I got to know RPI and I was treated".

Fees at RPI have been set at a low level, intended to ensure that consultation, diagnostic testing and treatment is affordable for residents of the poor communities that RPI serves. According to Florence "the fees are affordable to me more than some other clinics or hospitals in Monrovia. I can afford the fees to treat myself and my family". 

Florence also spoke about the quality of care provided at RPI and about how community outreach is a critical aspect of RPI's work. "Staffs look after their patients at home by making follow-up calls to know how their patients are responding to treatment, they provide quality health care and also motivate their patients through health talks".

"My opinion is that I want to see RPI as a great health Center and upgrade to a hospital level that will be able to have additional services to treat any complicated cases that may come. This will help the community and the society at large to be able to have good health care".