Partnering with the local community to construct a new rural clinic

Sammie Town, Artington, is a village located in a rural Liberia. The community currently does not have access to a health facility within a two hour walk, putting women at unnecessary risk during pregnancy and childbirth. RPI has partnered with the community to construct an urgently needed health facility in this village. 

 The co-investment approach RPI employs to construct new clinics empowers communities to contribute to all aspects of the project, with the support of RPI. The community provides local resources and labor, while RPI provides more expensive materials and professional labor.  

The project to construct the clinic has been embraced by the Sammie Town community. Women leaders have engaged the community and mobilized volunteers to dig and haul sand, and mould sun-dried bricks. The engagement of the community, under the leadership of local women, has highlighted the value of local ownership, a critical element in RPI’s co-investment approach.

RPI has demonstrated the effectiveness of this community-based approach in Bassa Town and Low Cost Village, where RPI is running operational clinics. In addition to Sammie Town, an additional three rural communities are working in partnership with RPI to make health care accessible in these underserved areas.

Women from Sammie Town dig sand for bricks