Our Approach

Refuge Place International believes in the value and potential of all Liberians, and the right to a healthy and productive life. 

Poverty should not be a barrier to accessing quality health care. We therefore focus our work in poor urban slum and rural communities 

RPI provides high quality, clinical health care in poor communities, integrated with community outreach by Community Health Workers

We provide quality health services and have an onsite pharmacy to ensure our patients are able to acquire essential medicines

We treat all patients with dignity and respect, and our services are accessible to all

Community outreach is conducted by Community Health Workers who visit households in the catchment area to provide services including antenatal checks, health education and referral to the clinic

Through our community outreach we ensure we reach the most vulnerable


RPI employs a co-investment approach to build clinics in partnership with communities

We partner with communities that do not have adequate access to health services

The local community provides labor and local resources, and RPI provided professional labor and more expensive materials

Partnership and collaboration with communities fosters a sense ownership and contributes to sustainability of the clinic. We conduct consultation with the communities. They identify a local resident, typically a woman, to head the initiative and mobilize the community. 

This co-investment model enables us to construct clinics at a low cost