Hand over of kola nut to commence works at rural Nyemah

Refuge Place International has been working in partnership with the residents of the rural community, Nyemah, to build a clinic. Once operational, the clinic will serve a population 10,200 from 32 towns. Currently, people from Nyemah need to walk several hours to reach health care. Pregnant women are at unnecessary risk of complications as a result, they are carried in hammocks or on motorbikes to deliver in a health facility.

Nyemah community members at the RPI clinic site

RPI has worked in partnership with the residents of Nyemah to construct the clinic. Work is now underway to construct the staff quarter, where clinical staff will stay, and the palaver hut where patients register on arrival.

This work commenced with community members giving the workers kola, a nut. This traditional practice signified a welcome to the workers and the donation of land by the community for construction of the facilities.

Community members hand over kola, to welcome the workers, and to give the land for the clinic

Construction of a hand pump for clean water has already been completed at the clinic site, and is now is use by the community.

Construction underway on the staff quarter. The clinic building can be observed in the background