GoodVisionGlasses Eye Program

A pair of glasses can be life-changing. RPI is driven to ensure that lack of access to glasses is not a barrier to receiving an education, or earning a living

When access to glasses is limited, as is the case in Liberia, children’s education, and economic opportunities for adults and their families, are curtailed. RPI has partnered with One Dollar Glasses USA (OGD-USA) to change this. 

Through the GoodVisionGlasses project we provide:

  • free eye screening for all (at RPI clinics and through outreach in communities, schools and workplaces)
  • affordable glasses for adults
  • free glasses for children

RPI and ODG-USA aim to grow the GoodVisionGlasses program throughout the LIberia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, to ensure that the potential of Liberians is not limited by a lack of access to glasses.