GoodVision technician training

RPI has launched the Good Vision Technician training program in partnership with GoodVision USA. It is the aim of the GoodVision partnership to make eye screening and glasses accessible to all Liberians who require them. As part of the work towards this goal, a cohort of GoodVision technicians will be trained to conduct vision screening and to dispense lenses with the appropriate correction for each patient. This model has been utilized in Malawi where GoodVisionGlasses has been operating since 2014 to make glasses accessible to the population. RPI hosted a trainer from Malawi, who together with Matee, our ophthalmic nurse and trainer, provided instruction to the trainees. 

Twenty trainee technicians went through the first phase of training over one month. They received their temporary graduation certificates from Dr Kerkula, head of the Eye Division of the Ministry of Health, as well as a representative of the Lions Club of Liberia. They are now receiving training in the field.