COVID-19 Response

RPI is working with our communities to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus and to also ensure residents continue to seek health care during the pandemic.


Our COVID-19 response has comprised:

Community outreach by our Community Health Workers

  • providing accurate information about the virus and advice about preventive measures
  • addressing misinformation and rumors about the virus

Risk mitigation at RPI facilities

  • all patients present at triage for screening prior to entering the RPI facilities
  • mask usage is enforced

Handwashing and sanitation initiatives

  • handwashing stations have been set up at RPI facilities
  • chlorox and detergents have been provided to community hand washing stations
  • public access to clean water at RPI hand pumps

While the coronavirus has caused a reduction in patient presentation at health facilities throughout Liberia, the outreach work of RPI’s Community Health Workers has led to patients returning to the RPI clinic for routine care